Covet Concert Review

By Sarah Klassen
April 13th 2023

Following the release of their album “catharsis” this week, instrumental band Covet brought an amazing spirit of gratitude for their fans and musical skill to the third show of their tour. With outstanding supporting sets from Altopalo and Scarypoolparty, the crowd was enthralled by masterful performances that brought Neumos to life on Sunday night. This is the band’s second tour with drummer Jessica Burdeaux and bassist Brandon Dove after a recent lineup change, and the connection between the three made for a strong and cohesive show. Lead Yvette Young’s virtuosic guitar melodies are complemented by Burdeaux’s intricate drumming, all grounded in that confident yet subdued bass from Dove. Although complex and lively in nature, this collaboration feels balanced and sure, tied together by a strong appreciation for each others’ craft.

Starting off strong, Altopalo began the night with their signature laid-back moody sounds. With a brief pause to sing Happy Birthday to lead singer Rahm Silverglade’s grandpa (Happy 100th!), the band transitioned into some of their more upbeat songs, bringing the energy with an atmospheric jam sesh that enlivened and inspired.

Up next was Scarypoolparty, who filled the room with his captivating and skillful acoustic set. It was an intimate solo performance that felt like a late night campfire with friends. Fans were excited to hear an impressive rendition of his debut single “Out Loud”, and his mesmerizing guitar melodies were sure to convince any new listeners of his talent.

Finally, Covet was welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd, who showed a great appreciation for their opening songs despite them being released just a few days earlier. As the band noted, this fanbase was truly there to experience great music and not just to hear the hit songs. Playing through the majority of “catharsis”, Covet began their set with the first 7 tracks of the album, in celebration of this new project. From the grungy vibe of “coronal” to the meandering indie feel of “merlin”, the trio took the audience on a seamless journey, and showcased their incredible artistry.

Next, the band transitioned into some of their older works, playing a few songs from their 2020 album “technicolor”. In “parachute”, Young’s vocals float over this energetic track, featuring a different side to their diverse discography. They ended their set with the final song off of “catharsis”, “lovespell”, which they introduced as a song to dance to. The band returned humbly, grateful for their fans during their encore, where they played “atreyu” to end the night. In all, Neumos’s relatively small stage, and the attentive crowd made Covet’s—as bassist Brandon Dove put it— “chunky and distorted music”, feel intimate and heartfelt. The night was united by a genuine appreciation for music by the audience and by each musician.

The Catharsis Tour continues through the month of May across the US and Canada, and is a fabulous event for any music lover to attend if you have the chance. I’m sure the appreciation for their new album will only grow as the tour progresses.